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Title: Lipid peroxidation and cadmium bioaccumulation in Volema cochlidium snails in Bacoor Bay.
Authors: Lopez, Rene Christopher R.
Regal, Paolo Herminio C.
Keywords: Cadmium
Lipid peroxidation
Bacoor Bay
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Abstract: This study determined whether oxidative stress in snails inhabiting Bacoor Bay is due to its exposure to heavy metal concentrations specifically cadmium. About 30 snails were collected in Bacoor Bay and assessed for cadmium bioaccumulation and lipid peroxidation assay through the malondialdehyde. All snails examined were found to be contaminated with traces of cadmium. Results showed no significant relationship existing between cadmium bioaccumulation and lipid peroxidation. This implies that the cadmium bioaccumulation in the snails does not play an active role in the malondialdehyde production.
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