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Title: Anti-hyperglycemic effect of Ficusulmifolia Lam. (Moraceae) crude leaf extract on the blood and urine glucose levels of mice fed on a high carbohydrate diet.
Authors: Baldeo, Margarette Y.
Soriano, Melizza J.
Keywords: Anti-hyperglycemic agent
High carbohydrate diet
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Abstract: The study aims to assess Ficus ulmifolia as a possible alternative source of antihyperglycemic agent. In order to test if F. ulmifolia crude leaf extract can lower blood glucose levels in a person with diabetes, a temporary hyperglycemic condition was induced in the mice. A high carbohydrate diet was provided to the test mice for 21 days, followed by administration of the F. ulmifolia leaf extract at doses 100 mg/kg and 1000 mg/kg and metformin at 150 mg/kg for 14 days. Each mouse then orally received 70% glucose and blood glucose levels were monitored. Results showed that the oral administration of 100 mg/kg of F. ulmifolia leaf extract lowered blood glucose levels by 2.5% relative to the group that received no extract while the ingestion of the 1000 mg/kg extractsignificantly decreased blood glucose concentration by 47.5% relative to the group that received no extract. The blood glucose levels of the group that were orally administered with 1000 mg/kg of the plant extract were significantly different from that of the untreated group and the group that received 100 mg/kg of the extract. However, there were no significant differences in blood glucose levels of the mice which received 1000 mg/kg and the mice which received 150 mg/kg of metformin, indicating that the two treatments have similar hypoglycemic effects. There was minimal glucose excretion observed in the test mice, suggesting that other mechanisms are involved in the reduction of blood glucose levels of F. ulmifolia. The findings of the studydemonstrate that the dietary supplementation of the crude leaf extract of F. ulmifoliahas blood glucose lowering effectson mice fed on a high carbohydrate diet.
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