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Title: Relationship between communication satisfaction and stress among employees of Sunnelit Philippines Corporation.
Authors: Jandayan, Beatriz A.
Keywords: Communication satisfaction
Sunnelit Philippines Corporation.
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: This study examines the relationship between communication satisfaction and stress among employees of a local manufacturing organization. Specifically, it aims to determine whether the communication environment plays a role in buffering stress perception. The Communication Satisfaction Questionnaire by Downs and Hazen was used in measuring the communication satisfaction of respondents in terms of eight factors: Communication Climate, Organizational Integration, Media Quality, Horizontal/Informal Communication, General Organizational Perspective, Relation with Superiors, and Relation with Subordinates. Likewise, the Perceived Stress Scale – 14 by Cohen, Kamarck, and Mermelstein was used in assessing the employees’ level of perceived stress. The study found no significant relationship between communication satisfaction and stress (Pearson’s Correlation = -0.121, p < 0.05).
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