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Title: A case study on how GMA news and public affairs utilizes the Twitter accounts of their reporters,
Authors: Lomodag, Marie Margarette M.
Keywords: GMA News
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Abstract: After the study, the researcher came to a realization that twitter is indeed important in socialization with people and cognition of information. Twitter, if not perfectly, best caters the needs of a news reporter in doing their jobs. The news organizations that are not yet on the same track should start moving in using twitter. Not only news organizations, but companies who have a market to reach should use twitter. The social and professional needs of the reporters are reinforced by twitter. However, it also came to the mind of the researcher that twitter has yet to get a wider scope. It caters to a lot now, but it can get more than a lot in the future. But it does not remove its potentials as an effective mass media tool. It does not only help them do their jobs, but it helps them increase the ratings of their programs. Thus, twitter is an effective tool to promote programs. The reporters have a lot to know more about the game of twitter, but as of now, they are doing a great job in utilizing it to their advantage. The followers, if tweets really help increase the ratings, are either into engagement or the brand of the reporter or purposely, for news only. Twitter then, contributes to the personalization of reporting and inviting viewers for the news programs.
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