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Title: It’s just something they do: an exploratory study of informal mentoring in Philippine organizations.
Authors: Pe, Jacquiline M.
Keywords: Mentoring
Mentor-mentee pairs
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: This research explores how informal mentoring relationships are characterized by the mentor-mentee pairs in selected organizations in Metro Manila, Philippines. Using qualitative approach, this research interviewed four mentor-mentee pairs. Data reveal that informal mentoring relationship is established with the emphasis on career development. These relationships are also established because of the benefits that are gained by the organization, mentor, and mentee. The characteristics of effective mentors according to both mentors and mentees are “competence”, “patience”, “a good set of values”, “genuine care”, “experience”, “willingness to learn”, and the “willingness to share what they know.” The characteristics of effective mentees are good “listening” skills, “patience”, “creativity and innovation”, “willingness to learn”, and being “teachable.” Implications of this study include the practice of informal mentoring in the Philippines being similar to Western practice except in function and phases. Moreover, informal mentoring is an effective tool in the organizations' learning and growth. Finally, informal mentoring relationships also focus on career development and gradually but implicitly touch on psychosocial development.
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