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Title: Correlation of night shift work and job performance of call center agents.
Authors: Roque, Hannah Lois Leyble
Keywords: Night shift work
Job performance
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Abstract: This research focuses on the study of the correlation of nightshift work particularly the external causes (situational causes) of behavior and the job performance among the call center agents. This is to test the so-called Fundamental Attribution bias that shows externals causes as underestimated factors when wished to know why people do what they do. The study identified three situational causes that is to say the work schedule, the task identity and the social relationships involved. On the other hand, the indicators of job performance are the following: absenteeism, productivity and interpersonal communication. The questionnaires were given to a certain department at Infosys BPO Philippines which is composed of 41 call center agents and 3 supervisors. Weighted means were computed to analyze the answers of the participants. The result was there is no significant relationship between nightshift work and job performance. Therefore it means that working at night does not affect the quality of the performance. The study also presents the idea of a flat world where everyone is given opportunities to connect and collaborate to the world. With the rise of BPO Industry, the Philippines is doing so therefore, it is taken as a competitive advantage because Filipinos can adapt to changes fast and can afford to give quality service.
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