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Title: Interphasing engagements: a descriptive study of the interorganizational network of organizations engaging in reproductive health.
Authors: Sanchez, Mark Laurens Delos Santos
Keywords: Interorganizational network
Reproductive Health Advocacy Network
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: The study describes the interorganizational network of member organizations of Reproductive Health Advocacy Network. Using the network theory and survey strategy, this study measures structural indicators of the network, particularly size, density, reciprocity and centrality. RHAN has a network size of 35 which represents the active member organizations of the network. These 35 organizations yielded 40% network density and 54.55% network reciprocity. Centrality measures were calculated per actor. It has been found that Organization 7 is the most central actor in the network; obtaining high scores across the three measures of centrality used in this study: in-degree, out-degree and betweenness. Five engagements of local NGOs namely Education and Information Services, Clinical Services and Support, RH Program Linkages, Program Support and Initiatives and Financial Assistance were specifically examined. This study aims to provide a description of Reproductive Health Advocacy Network by illustrating the interconnectedness of the members and identifying key players in the network. Implications on network theory, interview-administered survey and network policies were also discussed.
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