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Title: Living the brand: an exploratory study of brand-supporting behaviors among selected employees of organization X,
Authors: Villanueva, Arlet Carvajal
Keywords: Brand-supporting behaviors
Brand-related behaviors
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: Drawing inspiration from Loyalty, Compliance, Voice and Neglect (LCVN) Model and Attribution of Motives for Extra-role Behaviors, this study explores how selected employees of Organization X support the brand through brand consideration, exerting extra initiative and effort when engaging in brand-related behaviors, and brand endorsement even to non-work related situations. Moreover, it explores which is more influential between brand-centered activities, and identification and internalization in helping employees support the brand. The LCVN model and attribution of motives for extra-role behaviors are used as framework in analyzing the data constructed through interview with 10 selected employees of Organization X. Findings reveal that employees are either intrinsically or extrinsically influenced to support the brand through brand patronage, brand endorsement, brand consideration, and work improvement. Furthermore, employees conceptualize the brand as their employer or as their products. Employees find it usual to support the brand because of ethical reasons. Implications related to utilization of compensation, benefits; career growth programs, brand-centered hiring, and involvement of the employees’ family in some company programs are discussed.
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