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Title: Structural characteristics and internal communication of an established and a start up theater group.
Authors: Francisco, Charmaine A.
Keywords: Internal communication
Theatre company
Organizational structure
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: This study describes and explores the differences in structural characteristics and internal communication of two theatre groups. Five respondents for each company were interviewed regarding the relations and interactions of the positions present in the company as well as internal communication. Both theatre groups showed differences in structure. Established theater showed higher degrees of complexity, formalization and centralization over start up theater. The way internal communication is practiced also showed differences even if they follow the same processes and procedures as a theater production. Start up theater is showed as a more open organization in terms of their communication. Both organizations have similarities as well, such as the position’s responsibilities and task within the organization.There were also arising issues with how the older theater manages the group, as it was revealed that start up theater was a breakaway group from established theater. Established theater is characterized, as a bossy management.
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