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Title: An analysis of institutional discrimination of LGBTs in the Philippines.
Authors: Yanit, Melanny Ella R.
Keywords: LGBT
Sexual discrimination
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Abstract: “LGBT students are denied admission or expelled from schools due to their sexual orientation or gender identity. Companies block the promotion and stymie the career advancement of gay or lesbian employees due to the deeply embedded notion that homosexuality denotes weakness. Laws such as the current anti-vagrancy law are also abused by the law enforcement agencies to harass gay men.” Lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders also known as the LGBTs are always a target for judgmental and negative point of view. Society is also partly to blame. Since everything starts in the family, maybe they are the roots for this behavior. Religious influence is not to be neglected in this problem either. They also have contributed to this judging virus of LGBTs. When something is not socially acceptable and right in terms of general perception then it is often being judged. Instead of digging under the surface of a problem, people choose judging because it is much easier. Then it makes them feel better about themselves in a way. Judging the LGBTs is not only rude and uncivil, but it is also selfish. It is an act of cowardice. It shows how people can sometimes be very narrow- minded. It is a true democratic point of view to allow others to live the best they can. LGBTs are first and foremost people. As such, they have emotions. They are entitled to live, love and be loved.
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