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Title: Official Development Assistance (ODA) and health: a case study on the Philippine General Hospital.
Authors: Acharon, Vermie N.
Keywords: Philippine General Hospital
Official Development Assistance (ODA)
Issue Date: Mar-2012
Abstract: Health plays a vital role in the road to development. However, in the Philippines as financial allocations for public hospitals are not prioritized by the government, as manifested in the insufficient funds for the operations and maintenance of the Philippine General Hospital, the Filipinos are losing an essential right and a basic need. Every day, patients and health workers alike suffer the consequences of lack of supplies and financial aid. In cases like these, one of the possible ways to alleviate the situation is through the official development aid (ODA) from the international community. Still, due to the inconsistencies and problematic issues ODA’s current framework together with the internal setting here in the Philippines, its purpose of supporting the country’s steps towards growth and development is not met. The study aimed to evaluate and to validate the implications of the present state of the Philippine General Hospital, in the delivery of accessible health care services and as an employer to hundreds of health workers, in the midst of the financial inadequacies of the government and ODA system.
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