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Title: STRIVE-VR: Strabismus Training Routines Inducing Vision Enhancements using Virtual Reality
Authors: Valdez, Romeo Jr.
Keywords: Strabismus
Vision Training Techniques
Serious Grames
Virtual Reality
Issue Date: Jun-2018
Abstract: Strabismus or "crossed eyes" is the misalignment of the eyes wherein each eye may go in di fferent directions. Various treatment procedures are being off ered to correct strabismus. Several traditional vision training techniques are considered to cure this kind of eye condition. However, people fi nd these vision training techniques to be uninteresting and boring because of lack in user engagement. Because of this, serious games are used to promote user engagement, interest, and active participation among subjects towards vision therapies. A virtual reality application can be used to implement serious games for treating strabismus. STRIVE-VR is a virtual reality application that provides vision training techniques incorporated with gami cation with in-game objectives to be performed by the subject with strabismus.
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