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Title: BRCA1 Metabolic Pathway Generator
Authors: Carpio, Avegail D.
Acebuche, Jhamie M.
Keywords: BRCA1 pathway
metabolic pathway
breast cancer
Issue Date: Apr-2010
Abstract: There are database that do not provide a tool for generating a pathway and sometimes gives the final result without showing the interaction between BRCA1 gene to other gene, protein, etc. BRCA1 Metabolic Pathway Generator is designed to offer solution to this problem. It is an information system that store and generate the pathway of a BRCA1 gene. It generates a simple graph that is based on the experiments created by an expert. The generated graph is greatly dependent on the values of parameters as well as the values of the rules. The rules consist of the source, relation, target and relationship that will consequently form the pathway. It also uses the graphviz tool to visualize the graph of the pathway in an experiment. It creates a graphical output file specifically a .svg file to show each node and relationship with other node in a diagram to the user’s browser. The system is used in understanding the BRCA1 gene behavior of how it reacts to different factors. It is useful for the users especially the researcher and experts who wanted to study the BRCA1 gene interaction to other gene, protein, enzyme, etc. It also provides a repository of fundamental data about BRCA1 gene, parameters, etc.
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