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Title: Correlation of the quality of work-life and organizational commitment of nurses in Organization X
Authors: Agustin, Nadine Patriziah D.
Keywords: Quality of work-life
Organizational commitment
Issue Date: Apr-2014
Abstract: Agustin, Nadine Patriziah D. (2014). Correlation of the Quality of Work-Life and Organizational Commitment of Nurses in Organization X. An Undergraduate Thesis Presented to the Department of Arts and Communication. College of Arts and Sciences, University of the Philippines Manila. Because of the high demands and competition in the labor market, organizational commitment of employees is essential to an organization. Organizational Commitment is characterized by the employee's acceptance of organizational goals and their willingness to exert effort on behalf of the organization (Miller & Lee, 2001). There are many variables that are believed to affect Organizational Commitment but this research focused on the Quality of Work-Life, or the overall quality of life influenced by work (QoWL Ltd., n.d.). This study determines the correlation of quality of work-life and organizational commitment. The objectives of this research are to know the quality of work-life and levels of organizational commitment of nurses in Organization X, determine how the two variables are correlated with each other, and identify if investing on work-life initiatives can help in improving organizational commitment. To be able to gather information and achieve the research objectives, a survey was conducted to all the 26 regular nurses of the Delivery Room unit of Organization X using the Employee Commitment Survey Revised Version (Meyer, Allen, & Smith, 1993) and the Quality of Work-Life Survey (QoWL Ltd., 2008). The findings showed that the nurses of Organization X's Delivery Room unit have high levels of affective, continuance, and normative commitment. The respondents' answers also reflected good overall quality of working life. The variables were tested for correlation and the results show that quality of work-life and organizational commitment have a significant positive correlation (0.42). Thus we can say that investing on work-life initiatives can help on improving organizational commitment since as the quality of worklife increases, organizational commitment also increases or just the same.
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