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Title: Agreement between the perceptions of selected students from a state universty on Coca-cola's #rebuildph campaign
Authors: Urubio, Ulahmaria Jesusa Nazarene L.
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Abstract: Cola-Cola was one of the companies who launched a relief campaign for the Yolanda victims in November 2013. This study was done to see whether there was congruence between the perception of Coca-Cola and its target audience on CocaCola's #RebuildPH campaign using a quantitative method. Using convenience sampling, 100 selected students from a state university were surveyed with a self-constructed questionnaire divided into three parts: (1) awareness of Coca-Cola's mission, vision, and values, (2) awareness of CocaCola's calamity response efforts, and (3) perception of the #RebuildPH campaign. The questions were formulated based on the interview with a top-level manager from Coca-Cola and was pre-tested for reliability. All questions about the perception of the campaign led to a statistically significant difference between Coca-Cola and the respondents as well as the over-all score between them. Even though the respondents' answers were mostly similar to how the company wanted the target publics to perceive the campaign, there is still a statistically significant difference between the views that may have been caused by various reasons. However, there is a positive correlation between the awareness of CocaCola's Yolanda relief efforts, the #RebuildPH campaign, and the perceived success of communicating the key message that Every Act Matters. This implies that the increase in the awareness of the campaign can lead to a better communication of the key message. Further studies have been recommended to determine the barriers against successfully communicating the message so they can be addressed and to find out if there is a correlation between the degree program and their perception of the campaign.
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