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Title: Adaptive strategic management applied in arts organization: a case study on artinformal gallery
Authors: Bautista, Karina Ligaya Maria delos Angeles
Keywords: Strategic management
Artinformal gallery
Issue Date: May-2013
Abstract: Artinformal gallery is an arts organization that deals with the delicate balancing act all art galleries face-selling art without turning it into a mere commodity. Strategic management is a theory employed by many successful business organizations. An aspect of strategic management is the importance of environments and the ability of an organization to respond to external forces from the environments. This study focuses on the analysis of the adaptive strategic management of Artinformal gallery. The purpose of the study was to determine whether or not the actions of Artinformal could be qualified as adaptive responses in the adaptive strategic management framework. This was done by establishing what adaptive strategic management is and by examining the history and organizational background and operations of Artinformal, as well as the environment of the art market they belong to. The study shows that Artinformal has been cognizant of driving forces that affected its organization. The actions taken by the gallery to achieve its objectives can be qualified as adaptive responses when juxtaposed with adaptive strategic management, as these actions happened in the face of the opportunity or threat the driving force presents. The study also demonstrates how certain responses achieved favorable results for Artinformal.
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