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Title: Correlation between antecedents of satisfaction and perception on communication with management among subcontractual employees of Asia Care Health Services
Authors: Villela, Thalia Real
Keywords: Asia Care Health Services
Communication in management
Issue Date: May-2017
Abstract: Due to economic globalization, labor flexibilization has flourished in almost all countries; Philippines, as imperialist US neocolony, was not spared. Alongside this is the growth of subcontracting--the sole form of contractualization permitted by the law--which is practiced by the organization the researcher conducted her research upon. Because of the orientation of the business, its employees are not working in the same place and not monitored on-ground by the management, thus, their less face-to-face and more technology-mediated communication, and the study on their organizational communication. A total of 48 subcontractual health service providers were surveyed for the study on the three constructed antecedents of their satisfaction on communication with management, and their correlation with employee perception on employees’ upward communication with management. It was found and concluded through backward linear regression analysis that all of the antecedents of employee satisfaction on communication with management--namely: top-down communication; performance measures; and feedback—have a positive correlation with employee perception on communication with management, however, only downward communication has a strong and statistically significant relationship with the latter (r = .721, p = .000).
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