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Title: The Relationship between Directive Leadership Style and Job Satisfaction as Moderated
Authors: Abiog, Patricia Ivana L.
Keywords: Leadership Style
Job Satisfaction
Volunteer workers
Non-government organizations (NGO)
Issue Date: Apr-2012
Abstract: The study described the relationship between leadership style and job satisfaction among volunteers in non-government organizations. Moreover, it described the possible influence of organizational trust between the independent and dependent variables. Through administration of an 85-item survey to 100 NGO volunteers, it was found that leadership style was significantly correlated with job satisfaction. Competence, concern for employees and identification were found to have a moderating effect on the relationship between the directive leadership style and job satisfaction. As the level of trust increases it is more likely that a volunteer will have a high job satisfaction given that directive leadership style is also high. The results led to a modified framework that is exclusive for non-government organizations. The modified framework suggests that directive leadership style yields follower motivation which increases job satisfaction, provided that the dimensions of organizational trust, competence, concern for employees and identification in particular, are also high.
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