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dc.contributor.authorPascua, Ma. Carisa Jade M.-
dc.description.abstractThis study aims to know how 10 BA Organizational Communication graduates of 2011 perceived their respective thesis advisers’ teacher credibilit y throughout a semester. Close-ended questions about their impressions on, experiences with, feedback (though this is applicable to initial credibility only) and testimonies (though this is applicable to terminal credibility only) about their thesis advisers before, during and after their Organizational Communication 199 and 200, Thesis. The data were analyzed using deductive analysis, following the literature on the dimensions of teacher credibility, i.e., perceived competence, character and caring. Results show that initially, students were more concerned with their advisers’ competence or the degree in which they perceived their advisers as knowledgeable in the subject matter. However, during their thesis-writing process and by the time that they were consulting with their advisers, they gave more emphasis on their advisers’ perceived caring and character. They were more concerned with the advisers being supportive, understanding, encouraging, honest and trustworthy. This holds true towards the end of their course. Though, throughout their experience, they constant ly judge their advisers’ competence.en_US
dc.subjectThesis writingen_US
dc.subjectThesis advisersen_US
dc.titleA Qualitative study on the of the members of BA Organizational Communication class of 2011 on their thesis advisers’ teacher credibility.en_US
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