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Title: Danger zone to death zone: a case study on the relocated families in Bayan ni Juan before and after the Estero de Paco Project.
Authors: Alcaide, Joanna Pauline D.
Keywords: Relocation program
Waterways rehabilitation
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Abstract: The country’s waterways have long been victimized by improper waste disposal by residential and industrial establishments. Pasig River that was once a center of trade and carries the nation’s history and culture has turned into a national symbol of pollution. Though there were efforts to save the river, it is ironic that the lives of the people were traded for its survival. This study examines the rehabilitation and relocation program of the government. It is made possible through conducting survey and interviews with key informants. Reports, journals, news and necessary materials are evaluated to support arguments. Results show that in Bayan ni Juan relocation site, residents turned into temporary and low-income workers, health became luxury while necessities turned commodities. Thus, it is mandatory to create concrete and long-term plan for the resettler’s sustenance.
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