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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013-04Nabastos: definitions and incidents in the corporate workplaceChua, Jardine Dave M.
2012Nadehado:a conceptualization from workplace witnesses’ accounts and perspectives.Manalo, James Clarence M.
2023-06Namamasyal pa sa Luneta, nang walang pera: a case study on Formalized street vendors under the park trading policy in Rizal Park, ManilaPeñalosa, Angelyne T.
2016-05Nanay tatay: a phenomenological study on the perceived social stigma and machismo of househusbandsVillalobos, Cherisse Mei T.
2015-05Nanay, tatay: ang impluwensiya ng kasarian sa paggamit ng corporal punishment sa loob ng tahananParugrug, Sharmaine G.
2008-03Nardong Putik: Kasaysayan at Kapangyarihan sa Imus, CaviteAsido, Jelica Anne T.
2022-06A Narrative Study Comparing the Experiences of Adult Family Members Who Are Providing Fulltime Care to Their Family Members with Early-Onset and Late-Onset DementiaGarcia, Fatima Corrine A.
2023-06Narratives of "Lakas ng Loob" among Filipino Medical Technologists during the COVID-19 Pandemic (2019-2022)Abara, Elyssandres Jomei L.
2017-05The Nature of Organizational Commitment of Volunteers: A Descriptive Study of The Motivations and Organizational Commitment Of Volunteers from Project Pearls, 2KK Tulong Sa Kapwa Kapatid Foundation, And PahinungodCortez, Michaela Angela S.
2009-03The nature, structure, and dynamics of power within the Philippine blogging communityLanuzo, Lizette Aissa G.
2016NAUUPOS NA KANDILA: A Correlational Study on the Level of Burnout and Quality of Life of Case workers in Metro ManilaConstantino, Celine Vhyña L.
2014-06Navigation Decision Support System Based on Real-Time Traffic Conditions and Traffic Incidents Using CrowdsourcingSolano, Geoffrey A.; Magpili, Mauro Felipe M.
2004-04Nearest Hospital Search and Inquiry SystemBaes, Gregorio B.; Martirez, Meybel R.
2018-05Need for Cognition and Attitude Towards Change of Four Generations of Service Sector WorkersMedina, Reanne Paula E.
2009-04NEGOTIATING FAITH AND DESIRE A Study on Religiosity and Sexuality among Young Urban WomenAldea, Marie Joane Monasterial
2014-04NERD: A Learning Tool for Database Normalization and ERD DevelopmentBaes, Gregorio B.; Cortez, Kim Isle G.
2009-03Network Analysis of Down Syndrome-Associated GenesCastelo, Erik Joseph G.; Loto, Graziella Marie M.
2017-06Neuro MT: A Learning Machine Translation Web ServiceTacorda, Alfred John
2018-06Neuroactive effect of Diadema setosum (leske) coelomic fluid extracts in mice (Mus musculus)Esplanada, Christine Fatima Nicole M.; Obeles, Arianne Justine T.
2017-05The New Career Mindset: A Study of the Motivations behind Lateral Career Movements among Professionals in the Corporate SettingPrado, Ellisha Jazz W.