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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-03CASS (College of Arts and Sciences Scheduler) A MULTI-OBJECTIVE GENETIC APPROACH ON UNIVERSITY TIMETABLINGMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Balon, Chona C.
2015-06Customer Support Services Content Management System for Government AgenciesMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; del Castillo, Harold Brian S.
2013-04Disaster Management Communication SystemMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Gamboa, Maria Blessilda S.
2015-06DynastyMap: An Interactive Data Visualization Tool on Political Dynasties in the PhilippinesMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Rada, Lean Godffrey
2003-04ERMap Online Philippine General Hospital Emergency Room Bed Mapping SystemMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Ignacio, Sheila Ceñidoza
2016-06Geotechnical Investigation Reports Generator for LA Global EDCCMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Abad, Earl Andrea
2015-06Health Insurance Corporation Customer Relationship Management Tool (HICorpCRM)Magboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Macaraeg, Paul John N.
2016-06Integrated Food and Waterborne Diseases Geographic Information System (IFGIS)Magboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Magbitang, Miguel Angelo
2015-06Jomres Plus (A Jomres Supplemental Plugin)Magboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Occeño, Camille Marianne R.
2008-04LUPUS CLINIC INFORMATION SYSTEM (LuCIS)Magboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Marcelo, Therese Rosario A.
2014-04Mobi-MAPP: A Mobile Application for Quick Alert and Monitoring of DisastersMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Ballicud, Neil Patrick U.
2004-04Movable Type Template EditorMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Tabun, Alvin P.
2016-06Novice Assistance in Java IntroductionMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Salcedo, Najinar Raysal
2016-06Online CHD Risk Assessment Calculator Based on Philippine Heart Association Guidelines and DatasetMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Carandang, Evangeline Louise
2016-06A Personal Mobile Time Management and Motivation ApplicationMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; de Guzman, Brendan
2013-04Prediction of Polyketide Product from Module Organization of Enzymes Using Cumulative Tanimoto Fragment ScoresMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Mendoza, John Althom Aduna
2013-04PregSS: Pregnancy Surveillance System Using Ontology for InteroperabilityMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Ong, Darryl John P.
2011-04Refactoring VirHoLex References and Image Hotspots ModulesMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Morales, Jeric Jon C.
2016-06Social Protection and Support Initiative (SPSI): SAGIP Information System version 2.0 Registration Module and Referral ModuleMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Recido, Jayrell
2015-06SpotAVet: A Location-Based Application for Pet NeedsMagboo, Ma. Sheila A.; Galeng, Chessel Johara S.